Dec 27, 2011

Scarf Friends


I felt kind of guilty murdering some perfectly good stuffed animals for the sake of crafting but I got over it.  They turned out cute!  For my big girls I bought 2 scarves and 1 bear each from the Dollar Store.  I sewed the scarves together down the sides to make a tube, flipped it right side out, cut the bear in half, then stuffed the open in one of the ends of the scarf and hand sewed it shut.  I hand sewed it so I could make sure I got the stuffed animal closed so the stuffing wouldn't fall out and down into the scarf once the girls started wearing them.  I did the same for the rear end of the bear on the other end of the scarf.

This is one of the scarves folded up for gift-giving.

The kitty scarf is my favorite. This one is for a very tiny little girl so I only used 1 scarf but 2 stuffed kittens.  The bottom of the kitten wasn't that cute so I decided to make this scarf have 2 heads.  I just cut the 1 scarf in half and sewed the 2 halves together to make 1 tube scarf.  Then repeated the steps from above.

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