Dec 25, 2008

Bean Art Wall Decor

First off, let me say that these look waaay better in person.  They really do not photograph well for some reason.  Anyway, these are Christmas presents I made for various family members.  Each piece had something to do with their own personality or life.  These were easily made by gluing various beans and rice to a canvas. Then once finished I sprayed them with a high-gloss sealant.  This kept the rice from falling off and gave them the wonderful shiny look.

 One lesson I learned while doing these....I sketched my design on with pencil first.  If you don't have great rice coverage you will be able to see some of the pencil markings when finished.  And once it is sealed there is no getting an eraser in there to get rid of the marks. 

Nov 23, 2008


had to include: ninja, pirate, Lucky Charms cereal, fight scene, ultimate winner

Oct 13, 2008

Piece of my Heart

Janis Joplin
(made from keyboard characters/letters only)
typography assignment for CGT 111