Apr 11, 2012

Bunco Cupcakes

The color didn't turn out very well on my picture but these are iced with dark pink glitter icing and have a pretty green  cupcake wrapper that says "BUNCO" 
I took some campfire marshmallows which are flat and cut the end off to make them square.  Then used edible markers (found them in the cake decorating section at Walmart) to draw on the dice dots.
These were for my Dad's wife's bunco party.

Cupcakes & More Cupcakes!!!!

My daughter recently got her yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. So I made some Yellow Belt Cupcakes.
Super Easy - white icing covering the top, leaving a triangle at the top, pipe on some black icing to line the uniform, yellow piping for the belt and dots of white and black for the eyes.

Also, my daughter has braces now - which means she can't eat popcorn - which could possibly be her favorite food.  So I made the closest thing - cupcakes that look like popcorn.  They are actually made from mini-marshmallows.  You take a mini-marshmallow and pinch it in half then just stick it back together, yes, its that simple.  I iced the cupcake first then stuck the marshmallow popcorn pieces on with the icing.  Then I took some yellow food coloring and watered it down, then drizzled it on with a spoon to look like butter.

My Silhouette-Aided Subway Art

Dance Like
No One's Watching
Sing Like No One's Listening
Love Like
You'll Never Be Hurt
Play Like There's
No Winners
Behave Like Mom's Watching
Give Like You Have Plenty
And Smile