Nov 25, 2013

How to Make a Reversible Tote Printable Tutorial

How to Make a Reversible Tote Printable Tutorial

This is a tutorial for sewers of all skill levels who love quick and easy projects. 

Handbags, purses, and totes can be expensive.  If you love to change up your accessories without breaking the bank, homemade bags are a huge money saver.  Plus, you can have something that is unique to show off your personal style.  Making your own tote is an eco-friendly way of reducing plastic bag waste as well as using up scrap material leftover from other projects.  Because this bag is reversible it is like making two bags in one sitting.
As long as you know how to thread and sew a straight line with your sewing machine you can make your own handbag using these instructions.

For these instructions, ring handles are used. Other alternatives are possible. Variations are shown at end of presentation. 

Take one type of fabric and fold it in half or double it with the wrong sides facing out.  Now draw the desired shape of your tote onto the fabric.

Cut through both layers so you have two pieces of the same kind of fabric.

Double the other type of fabric and lay one of the cut pieces on top.  Pinning the cut layer to the uncut fabric to keep it from moving while cutting.
Zigzag stitch along all edges of single layers (4 different pieces) to prevent fraying of fabric.
To reinforce edges where the handles will be, turn under edge of fabric about ¼ inch starting at top of bag and continuing down about 2 - 3 inches (depending on size of bag.)  Sew this in place with a straight stitch close to the edge. Repeat this step for both sides of all pieces of fabric.

Pin two matching pieces of fabric together with right sides facing each other. 
Sew these together with a regular straight stitch.  Start where the handle opening is on one side, follow the edge around and stop at the handle opening on opposite side.

 This image shows where to start stitching bag closed. Don’t forget to have right sides together.

Make sure you leave opening along top straight edge.  This is the opening of your handbag. 
Lay one handle between top and bottom layer of one section.
Lay out your two sections with the tops of each facing each other.  This is where you will sew in your handles.

Sew together the two sections by lining up the top edges. 
Flip the bag over and repeat steps 8, 9 and 10, inserting second handle and keeping it in between the two layers. 
Turn the bag right side out through the handle openings.

Tuck one side of bag into opposite side.

These make great personalized gifts.
Decorative buttons, fringe, ribbon, or patches can be sewn to outside of bag to give a different look.
Changing the shape and size can make a dramatic change in the look of your tote as well.
Fabric can be selected to adapt to any occasion; tailgate tote, wedding bag, birthday bag, etc.
Here are some examples of adaptations made to this handbag.

This is a simple bag that can be done in no time.  Once you get this down, you will be able to adapt the instructions to make many shapes and sizes which will add variety to your collection. Getting complements on your handbag will be even more satisfying when you can brag that you made it yourself.

Nov 8, 2013

Spring Mesh Wreath

This is my first attempt at one of the mesh wreaths that are really popular right now.  I prefer the bunchy looking wreaths rather than the cone mesh ones.  I would try to explain how I made it but honestly I just googled it and found tons of tutorials and mainly just played around until I got it to look the way I wanted.

Sep 1, 2013

Chicago Bears Football Themed Baby Shower for my BFF

I made the invites to look like a stadium ticket.  On the back I put address label stickers that I printed and had listed where she was registered and to whom to RSVP. 

The baby was due on 10-3-13.  That is where the section, row and seat numbers come in.  Also, I don't know much about NFL football but I made the garland with the number 13 just because that is the year of the baby's birth.  

Apr 14, 2013

Game Table Top

My grandfather made a table top for a poker table that belonged to my mom.  This was so it could be used for other games as well as just a table for eating, homework, whatever.  My sister now has that table and my nephew uses it in his basement hangout area.  The plain boring table top needed a cool new look.  

The center was painted to look like the Vegas sign....with a twist.  Their last name is Shelton. 
The lucky cards at the top were cut out of cardstock using my Silhouette machine.  The playing card signs at the bottom are vinyl cutouts also made using the Silhouette machine.  

Mar 2, 2013

2013 Birthday Invites

The girls had a joint party for their birthdays this year at gatti-town.  I made the invitations using ideas and images I found online.

Feb 25, 2013

"Stache" Savings Jar

First of all, ignore how awful my crafting table looks....but its a crafting table, so it serves its purpose.

This is a change/money saving or "stache" jar.  We ended up buying the Ball-type jar from a craft store.  The Ball and Mason jars I already owned have raised designs or lettering in the jar which would prevent the vinyl from lying flat and looking pretty.

I covered the top with a piece of scrapbook paper that looks like material that has been stitched.

I cut the pink vinyl with my silhouette machine.  The idea was not ours.  My niece, who I made this for, saw it on pinterest.

Feb 22, 2013

Puppy Paw Cupcakes

I went to a Canvases & Cocktails Party - the theme was animals so I brought Puppy Paw Cupcakes.

Feb 14, 2013

Homemade Valentine's

The girls each made their Valentine's this year to give out to their classmates.

Lola sewed her Valentine's and added some popping candy.

Sophie and her friend melted chocolate and used some mustache molds to make their Valentine's.

Jan 27, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

We saw this idea on Pinterest, of course.  I had my doubts that it would work.  It did!  We were amazed.  Just spray waffle maker with cooking spray and put a refrigerated raw cinnamon roll in center of each section.  Press, let sit, open, Voila!